Hi there.

I maintain my personal website as the most effective medium to express my opinions or creative endeavours that, otherwise, simply would not have an outlet. The site contains short fiction such as blog posts, articles and coding samples. I view the concept of a personal web page with a more metaphysical bent, placing value in the concept of owning space in and "residing" in cyberspace and on the World Wide Web. Here you will find my personal blogs, projects, articles, photos, applications and many more.


My name is Ralin Chimev. I am a software engineer working at a large software corporation. Everything on this web site is purely my personal works and opinions. They do not reflect the works and opinions of my employer. This site contains my writings on software development with focus on software architecture and web development.

I started building software in the late 90s and got interested in then new world of object-oriented development and software design patterns. My first software applications were created using C/C++ but after a few years moved to server-side development in C# and Java. At the moment I am mainly engaged in developing single sign-on and user management solutions for cloud platforms.